Lisa Patterson - Wyre Tek Site Manager

Lisa Patterson joined Wyre Tek LLC. in 2007. As a result of the WireMasters Acquisition of Wyre Tek ®, Lisa joined WireMasters® in 2015.

She is daughter to the founder and previous owner of Wrye Tek, Kerry Patterson, and daughter to Sandra Patterson. Lisa has an A.S. Degree in Equine Studies, a B.S. in Equine Business Management and Riding with a minor in Journalism. She also has AIP degrees from Johnson & Wales University. She has worked in construction for Providence School Dept., later to become a Supervisor. She has also worked as a Warranty Administrator for Paul Bailey Ford and numerous horse farms as well as the Zoo in Boston.

After her father’s death, Lisa became the Manager of Wyre Tek®, and after the WireMasters® acquisition she will play a vital role as the Wyre Tek® Site Manager.

She enjoys history, animal science, literature and music. She is heavily involved in her local church. She also enjoys archery, jousting, non-firearm ballistics, horseback riding and training, as well as sports. She especially enjoys New Zealand rugby and the Patriots football team.

Lisa is excited to be a part of the WireMasters Team.