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Break Down of the M22759 Wire Specification

Utilized throughout the military, aerospace, and defense industries, the MIL-W-22759 (M22759) | SAE AS22759 specification covers high-performance wires that meet requirements for small dimensions, high-temperature resistance, low weight and low flame propagation. These single conductor electrical wires are manufactured with tin-coated, silver-coated, or nickel-coated conductors of copper or copper alloy. Insulated with fluoropolymer’s such as, polytetrafluoroethylene (TFE), fluorinated ethylene propylene (PEP), polyvinylidene fluoride (PVF2), ethylene-tetrafluormthylene copolymer (ETFE), these resins can be used alone or in combination with any of the insulation materials.


Built in strict accordance with military specifications, mil-spec wire is designed specifically for military and aerospace applications. Operating in harsh environments, these products provide protection in extreme conditions. WireMasters offers these hook-up wires in a variety of options to help your systems adapt in crucial situations. Our wide selections of in-stock M22759 products are available with different conductors, insulations, sizes, weights, voltage ratings and temperature ratings so we can provide a solution that best fits your operating system.  


For identification purposes, M22759 airframe wire features print on the insulation; green print is used on white insulations; white print is used on all other colors. Ranging from 30 gauge to 4/0 in size, these wires are placed through a quality conformance control inspection. The inspection process is crucial because not only are these products used as hook up wires, but can be used in the inner conductors of cables such as the M2700 cable specification. The finished products must be carefully examined to confirm the hook-up wire is built strictly in accordance with the SAE AS22759 specification. 


Listed below is a part number break down for the M22759 wire. Use this to guide you through understanding the hook up wire and M22759 specification.  You may download a copy of the breakdown by CLICKING HERE. For more information, you can download our PRODUCT CATALOG or visit the M22759 page listed on our website.


WireMasters knowledgeable sales staff is always available to answer your questions at any time. You may contact us at 1.800.635.5342 or email us at wminfo@wiremasters.net.


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